About Us

Founder & Creative Director, Connie Hung, designs and selects jewelry based on memories and the feelings parallel to them. Whether it’s the curvature of a ring mirroring waves against a sunset, or the free hanging motions of a pair of earrings – the designs are reflective of an intimate moment fueled by emotion and sprung by nostalgia.

With love + intention as our guiding principle, both values are applied to every aspect of Costanté beyond design. From start to the final polish, each piece touches many humble pairs of hands before it is home in yours. We considerately select our production partners who hold the same values and humor as we do.

Based in Los Angeles, California. 

Letter From Founder

First and foremost, thank you for being here.

As a person typically riddled with anxiety from what others think and drowning thoughts of self-doubt, launching Costanté has been a fucking ride of emotions. To even think that I am writing this letter as a founder blows my mind!!

To me, Costanté is more than adornment, more than fine jewelry. It’s about human connection. For our production, we choose to only work with local partners instead of outsourcing overseas to large manufacturers. For our shoots, we choose to only work with our friends and theirs. This is how we support our community that inspires us, this is how we operate with love + intention.

When I sit down with a friend or stranger during a Design Session, he/she shares with me the meaning behind their idea, and (my favorite part!) the personal story behind it. This intimacy is the heart of Costanté. In a world of constant distractions, our ability to create something for people to gift themselves and share with others, grounds us to the underlying root of human relationships.

I would not be here without my partner for everything in life (@kasperthejeweler). Without him patiently teaching me, believing in me, and holding me up when I felt like I was falling down, I would never have had the courage to create. Thank you for investing in me, baby. I love you :’)

Lastly, I would like to leave you all with this:

My mom once told me “You’re stronger than you think.” This stuck with me and is what I want to share through Costanté. My hope is every piece of Costanté serves as a reminder of your innate beauty and strength. You don’t need us to be beautiful, you already are. And in those moments you need a reminder, we are here to serve as your constant.

With love + intention,