Inspired by the euphoric moments of swimming through sun glistening water — A single pearl surrounded by shining diamonds and an ocean blue aquamarine.

媽祖 (pronounced ma-zu) is the Chinese goddess of the sea and protector of seafarers.

Mazu Bracelet + Necklace

Something Borrowed

Originally a wedding gift to one of our dear friends, Jenny. Designed with subtle opulence in mind – a light flex – perfectly suiting for Jenny’s calm, yet outrageous personality.

Jenny's Wedding Earrings

Design notes:

Blossom Pendant

Held by a strand of perfectly 'imperfect ' Keshi pearls, the blooming petals of the pendant embrace the perfectly round pearl — illustrating the embrace of love + protection our Mother Figures bestow upon us, our mothers holding us in a world of chaos. 


Inspired by our Art Director’s (Zoe Zhou) mama.

Blossom Pendant Collection
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