The Costanté Bridal Collection

Fine bridal jewelry designed for moments before + beyond the big day.  

The Costanté Bridal Collection was birthed following the engagement of Founder, Connie H., and her partner, Kasper. She wanted to create bridal jewelry to celebrate the modern women  intricate designs to reflect the strength and vulnerability in romance. The designs of each piece are her metaphors for love — the gentle dance of water flow, the turbulence of waves, and the power of creation. 

With a warm embrace — Costanté welcomed AVTN Studio's co-founder and intergalactic friend, Zoe Zhou, as the Bridal Collection's Art Director. 

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To encapsulate love in all her forms

Feelings: like waves and crescents of the ocean; the ebb and flow of water; — energy in motion.


The Blossom pendant

Inspired by our Art Director’s (Zoe Zhou) mama.


女人花 (pronounced: nǚ rén huā, translation: woman flower) is a 1997 Cantonese song that carries memories of Mama singing + swaying in the living room — reminding us of the beauty in the strength our Mother's carry, the power of creation all women hold — Each of us blooming in our own time, and own way.

Design notes:

Blossom Pendant

Petals should embrace the round pearl — illustrating the embrace of love + protection our Mother Figures bestow upon us, our mothers holding us in a world of chaos. 

Blossom Pendant Collection

Something Borrowed

Originally a wedding gift to one of our dear friends, Jenny. Designed with subtle opulence in mind – a light flex – perfectly suiting for Jenny’s calm, yet outrageous personality.

Jenny's Wedding Earrings



Inspired by the euphoric moments of swimming through sun glistening water — A single pearl surrounded by shining diamonds and an ocean blue aquamarine.

媽祖 (pronounced ma-zu) is the Chinese goddess of the sea and protector of seafarers.

Mazu Bracelet + Necklace


Louisa Meng

When Connie + Zoe began dreaming of the bridal collection, they immediately envisioned Louisa to shoot the collection. After months of product development, trial and error, Connie + Zoe presented the dream to Louisa to fully bring the story to life. To Louisa — Thank you for capturing the feelings and emotions our hearts imagined and more.

Louisa Meng

with love + intention.

The Costanté Bridal Collection was launched on 9/9/2023, the day Connie and Kasper got married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.


Connie is wearing the Mazu Pearl Bracelet + Necklace, and the Aqua Keshi Pearl Earrings.