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Blossom Pendant on Space Chain (女人花)

Blossom Pearl Diamond Pendant on Space Chain Costanté
Space Chain Costanté
Blossom Space Chain Necklace worn with Aqua Keshi Pearl Earrings costanté


Blossom Pendant on Space Chain (女人花)

The Blossom Pendant is inspired by our Art Director’s (Zoe Zhou) mother.

Blooming petals of the pendant embrace the perfectly round pearl – illustrating the extravagant love + protection our Mother Figures bestow upon us, our mothers holding us in a world of chaos. 女人花 (pronounced: nu ren hua, translation: woman flower) is a 1997 Cantonese song that reminds us of the beauty in the strength our mothers have carried before + beyond.

Paired with the space chain.  [   space   ]  reminds us of the beauty in the ebb and flow of life’s symphony. It is simultaneously in the negative spaces that the ridges and shapes begin to form its beautiful patterns —a metaphor for spaces between moments on life’s journey / the magic created within. 

The Blossom Pendant is made with natural diamonds and hangs on a 16 or 18-inch, 4mm Space Chain. Available in 14K Rose / White / Yellow Gold, 14K Plated Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver; 18K Gold is available upon request. The Blossom Pendant is handmade-to-order. Please allow 2-3 weeks production time prior to delivery.