Maglia Chain Necklace

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The Maglia Chain Collection features our favorite chain, the classic rope. Rope chains are designed to be elegant and simple, yet all the while complex. The unique silhouette lends itself to a double helix pattern and radiant faceted appearance. As light shines through the rope chain, the intrinsic beauty of the structure is enhanced with a sunny aura. With the intention of striking the right balance between humble and bold, we designed the perfect end clasp to pair with the collection. Crafted with an enlarged lobster claw and VS Diamonds on the end clasp — our signature end clasp can be attached on both the Maglia Chain Bracelet and Necklace. Able to be styled as both a pendant or functional clasp, the pairing reflects our appreciation for versatility.

Handmade with 14K solid yellow gold. Necklace is 2mm thick and 16 inches long. Please allow 5-10 business days before shipping.

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