Monarch Earrings

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Our first attempt at an opulent design beyond the minimal from 2019. (Still dainty of course.) 

“As I’ve explored further into the world of jewelry, I realize the pieces I’m mesmerized by always carry the splendor + romance of the vintage. Vibrant gems with diamonds as mere backup dancers, those kinds of things. So this was my first shot at channeling the inner extravagance I’ve suppressed because I thought it wasn’t “humble.” But sometimes, fuck being humble, right?” – Connie H., Founder

Intentionally designed with mixed metals of Sterling Silver + 14K Yellow Gold, green amethysts, and natural diamonds; also available in 14K White Gold + 14K Yellow Gold. The Monarch Earring is handmade to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks production time prior to delivery. 

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