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Inspired by emotion and a nostalgic manifestation of the past, Costanté showcases adornments in their most classic forms, reinterpreted through a contemporary lens. 

I love the end clasps of chains. It’s such a small part of the chain, but it’s key in holding it together. This is why I designed the Costanté Diamond Clasp to be worn to the front for the Maglia Chain Necklace - it deserves all the glory! Oh, and the La Flamé Ring - it's so simple, yet shows so much strength in the way it adapts to each person. Lastly, my favorite of all, the Opal Drip Earrings - the first pair of earrings I ever designed, inspired by my parents, and the piece that gave me the confidence to launch Costanté. This one’s for you, mom and dad!

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